PSU capability of a Sun external SCSI case?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Tue Nov 16 11:31:10 2004

I suppose someone here might know this! I've an external Sun case that
accepts a single 5.25" SCSI device such as a CDROM or DAT drive (the
case is open at the front).

It's one of those two-colour plastic shelled ones, pale blue / cream,
with 68 pin SCSI connectors on the back and a 50 pin connector
internally + power cable.

*nowhere* on it does it seem to say what capacity load it'll drive
though. Most unhelpful. Anyone happen to know?

It'd be a useful way of temporarily hooking up old 50 pin SCSI devices
to my modern PC for backup purposes as it lives on top of my desk, but I
rather suspect the PSU might go into meltdown if hooked up to a 5.25" FH
drive (with the top of the Sun case removed of course :)


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