Testing Power Supplies! Re: Norsk Data Nord-10/S restoration

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Nov 17 00:16:05 2004

>> I actually do not even have a reliable voltmeter, much less the
>> properly working oscilloscope I'd want to check things like ripple.
> However, I am not sure I'm happy with that.

I know I'm not happy with it. Just not - so far - quite unhappy enough
to make me pry the money loose to get good-quality gadgets. After all,
as I pointed out a message or two ago, so far my computers have been
obtained free and are of types available in relatively plenty, so it's
semi-hard to justify getting expensive gadgetry (and anything is
expensive compared to free) just to guard against accidentally frying
one. And most of mine have been turned on recently enough when I get
them that the risk is even lower than it is for most of you.

(Yeah, call me a dilettante when it comes to classic computing - I
won't even disagree with you, much less argue with you. Most of my
stuff, while on-topic, is not the sort of really interesting stuff that
I see written about here....)

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