VAX 6600 UK Wales

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Wed Nov 17 00:54:17 2004

> I am dubious about the description as well, although it says it has
> been upgraded the model number given is a 300. I will annoyed if turns
> out to be correct. He says it's not been opened but he has a pciture
> of it open at the bottom. It only has one disk in it. anyway.

I guess they just do not know - otherwise they would be expecting
something nearere to real money for it! If you read the description
one way, it's a VAX 4000-300 that was upgraded to a VAX 4000-705A.
Easily done by swapping processor + memory IFF the original -300
had a late enough backplane (I'll dig out the relevant
serial numbers if it matters). The nice thing about having a late
enough backplane is that you can run anything from a -300 right
up to a -705A in one box by swapping memory+processor. While you
are in their building, don't forget that the same is true of
a VAX 6000-610 :-)

> Anyone know how well a 500 and a 705 would cluster, or would it slow
> down the 705.

They would cluster quite well. If you hook them up
over DSSI and have an R400X to put some disks into,
then the two VAX 4000s can each be powered off with
the other not noticing (assuming you configure it
properly with a quorum disk).


Antonio Carlini
Received on Wed Nov 17 2004 - 00:54:17 GMT

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