Ken Iverson, creator of APL dies.

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Wed Nov 17 11:34:31 2004

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe R <> writes:

 Joe> "Iverson passed away on Oct. 19 following a stroke while he was
 Joe> working on his computer. He was 83. " He must have been using a
 Joe> Windows PC! He should have stuck with APL.

 Joe> APL was my first computer language as well. I learned it form
 Joe> Iverson's book A Programming Language and finally got to try it
 Joe> out on an IBM 1130. I'll go for YEARs and not use APL and
 Joe> finally getting rid of all my APL books and stuff but I always
 Joe> find myself coming back to APL.

There's a pretty good APL implementation that runs on Linux and
Solaris, among others, called OpenAPL. It includes a tweaked xterm
that handles the APL characters directly.

(I have an xemacs elisp file for apl-mode to go with that...)

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