Ken Iverson, creator of APL dies.

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Nov 17 17:49:54 2004

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>>>>>> "Joe" == Joe R <> writes:
> Joe> "Iverson passed away on Oct. 19 following a stroke while he was
> Joe> working on his computer. He was 83. " He must have been using a
> Joe> Windows PC! He should have stuck with APL.
> Joe> APL was my first computer language as well. I learned it form
> Joe> Iverson's book A Programming Language and finally got to try it
> Joe> out on an IBM 1130. I'll go for YEARs and not use APL and
> Joe> finally getting rid of all my APL books and stuff but I always
> Joe> find myself coming back to APL.
>There's a pretty good APL implementation that runs on Linux and
>Solaris, among others, called OpenAPL. It includes a tweaked xterm
>that handles the APL characters directly.

  Shucks. I can go in my living room, plug in the keyboard that already has the APL characters on it and turn on my IBM PC, and put in the APL disk and be using APL in about 2 minutes.

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