200LX -- was: 10 year rule

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...Just as plenty of people still use their 286, and that's a GOOD thing, if it
meets their needs. Heck, I still play my Atari 2600 a couple of times a week,
as the games meet MY needs. But as much as I live for vintage PDAs, my "daily
driver" is a modern PocketPC.

Obviously I want to advocate our hobby, or I wouldn't put so much time and
effort into the newsletter. I think it's terrific that some people actually do
use vintage systems for modern purposes, in fact, I wish more of those people
would come forward so I can write about them. However one thing I never
pretend is that vintage systems are actually "better" than today's.

 - Evan (happily using his XP machine and Yahoo email)

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> On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter wrote:
> > >>>> Actually, the 200LX was a kickass handheld.
> >
> > Well yes, but the keyword is "was"...
> Evan, Evan, Evan.
> You know better than to be making silly comments like this. There are
> many people who still use their 200LX daily for many quite useful
> purposes.
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