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Date: Wed Nov 17 13:25:00 2004

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter wrote:

> Obviously I want to advocate our hobby, or I wouldn't put so much time and
> effort into the newsletter. I think it's terrific that some people actually do
> use vintage systems for modern purposes, in fact, I wish more of those people
> would come forward so I can write about them. However one thing I never
> pretend is that vintage systems are actually "better" than today's.

You don't have to pretend. In some cases they are.

This also transcends technology. I prefer to write my to-do lists and
notes on a pad of lined paper. It doesn't require batteries and it
doesn't break when I drop it. Unfortunately, I still manage to lose it
from time to time (I just finally found it again last night :)

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