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Yeah but the pen and paper are still modern technology (as they're both still
in mass production and reasonable to use for the purpose at hand, in this case,
organizing)... DOS clamshells are not (LOL, but again that's with the "but I
love them anyway" qualifier).

 Evan (happily admiring his Atari Portfolio and HP95)

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> On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter wrote:
> > Obviously I want to advocate our hobby, or I wouldn't put so much time and
> > effort into the newsletter. I think it's terrific that some people
> actually do
> > use vintage systems for modern purposes, in fact, I wish more of those
> people
> > would come forward so I can write about them. However one thing I never
> > pretend is that vintage systems are actually "better" than today's.
> You don't have to pretend. In some cases they are.
> This also transcends technology. I prefer to write my to-do lists and
> notes on a pad of lined paper. It doesn't require batteries and it
> doesn't break when I drop it. Unfortunately, I still manage to lose it
> from time to time (I just finally found it again last night :)
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