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Date: Wed Nov 17 17:47:07 2004

At 09:23 AM 11/17/04 -0800, you wrote:
>>>>>> On the other hand, especialy you may agree that almost any kind of 94ish
>PDA is vintage from todays view. Isn't it?
>Yes, as no one (who is sane) uses a Newton or HP200LX for day-to-day business.

  You're dead wrong about that. I know a lot of people that work in the field and take 200LXs with them to send and recieve messages. They also use them to setup radio systems and other equipment via RS-232 links. Many of these people work in the field for long periods and space and weight are a premium and a laptop, plus charger, plus battteries take up a lot more room and weight than a 200LX and take time to boot and them load a terminal program. The 200LX has the OS and applications in ROM and starts as soon as you press the On key.

>LOL, that kind of comment nearly got me attacked at the "10th anniversary of
>the Newton" celebration at MIT last year. For safety I avoid the HP200 mailing
>list entirely. :)
   You're still on the wrong list to make that kind of comment! :-)


>--- Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_siemens.com> wrote:
>> Am 17 Nov 2004 8:17 meinte Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter:
>> > --- Ladyelec_at_aol.com wrote:
>> > > Why not make it :
>> > > 10 years: Vintage
>> > > 20 years: classic
>> > > 25 years: antique
>> > > or something similar to that?
>> > > Isa
>> > The terms are too similar, people will just get more confused.
>> Agreed.
>> > All I intended to do when I started this discussion topic was to point out
>> the
>> > obsurdity of considering things like the Web and Pentiums as "vintage" (or
>> any
>> > other synonym). But then others observed back that I was being
>> short-sighted
>> > -- if you ignore that actual age, "vintage" just means "anything considered
>> > obsolete by the mainstream," and that's a good enough answer for me. But I
>> do
>> > think that 15 years, not 10, is a better divider between what's just "old"
>> and
>> > what's truly vintage.
>> Well, the important part was to get the off the actual stuff.
>> Everything else is hard to do just by years. Shure, a 1994 PC
>> might be about where you still may use it, and more important,
>> might not look interesting at all from a colectors view. On
>> the other hand, especialy you may agree that almost any kind
>> 0f 94ish PDA is vintage from todays view. Isn't it?
>> In fact, for VCFe the same 10 year limit is enfoced (exempts
>> need very good reasoning). Everythin below is NADA, everything
>> above up to everyones own judgement. So, I'm expecting PCs to
>> show up soon.
>> Gruss
>> H.
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