Stump the Historians at the Computer History Museum this Friday

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Fri Nov 19 08:25:53 2004

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>On Thu, 18 Nov 2004, Tom Jennings wrote:
>> > Anyway, CROthers MEMorial Hall was the dorm at Stanford where the founders
>> > of Cromemco used to live.
>> Could very well be! Now *that* is trivia!
>That was one of the questions we used in one of the earliest Nerd Trivia
>Challenge games at the VCF.

speaking of trivia, does anyone know what happened to the sigma computer
that was originally used in the community memory project?

I seem to remember (around 1976) looking for a building (and here's the
triva part :-) in San Franciso which housed something called "project
1". I was young and foolish at the time and I don't think I ever found
it. But it was a fun trip around the bay area anyway :-) I think I
started that day at SAIL. what a magic place that was.

back in the day... when ddj was published in newsprint!

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