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I'd like to know what the "C" stands for in EMC. It's not "company" or
"corp.", that much I know. The E and M are for Dick Egan and Roger Marino --
the two original founders. As I understand it, the "C" was someone else, sort
of the fifth Beatle! I know many early EMC employees but no one seems to know
the answer to this one. (Part two of this question is, "What was EMC's
original industry," and the answer is furniture! They got into memory, and
then storage, quite by accident.)

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> On Thu, 18 Nov 2004, Tom Jennings wrote:
> > > Anyway, CROthers MEMorial Hall was the dorm at Stanford where the
> founders
> > > of Cromemco used to live.
> >
> > Could very well be! Now *that* is trivia!
> That was one of the questions we used in one of the earliest Nerd Trivia
> Challenge games at the VCF.
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