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Date: Fri Nov 19 15:14:35 2004

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>> The BBN CPUs are odd in that they don't plug into a socket
>This is a BBN Butterfly system. The processors interconnect through
>a "Butterfly Switch"
>I have to check with the Computer Museum, but this may be the only
>surviving system.

   That's what Tom says. He's been looking for one for years.

It's a drag you weren't able to save at least one
>of the chassis.

   Tom and I are working hard to try and find a way to get one or more of the chassis. The problem is that I don't have a truck AND the warehouse that I use to store and ship from is probably going to go away SOON. I no longer have access to the forklift so loading on a truck would be a problem even if I could get it there. These aren't complete chassis anyway, they're just the CPU sections.


>try googling "bbn butterfly switch"
>Butterfly Switch
>A parallel processing topology from BBN Advanced Computers Inc., Cambridge, MA, that mimics a crossbar and provides high-speed switching of data between nodes. It can also be used to create a hypercube topology.
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