TZ30 question

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Fri Nov 19 15:19:27 2004

   I have 2 TZ30 drives that, instead of the short beep at power-up,
squeal continuously as long as they're attached to the SCSI bus (RQZX1
TSCMP adapter). Attached to power but not on a SCSI chain, they beep
like tey should. I honestly don't know if they work or not, because
neither I nor my cats can stand the sound long enough to check.

   I do have one TZ30 that works correctly on the same mahine, so I'm
relatively sure it isn't a controller problem.

   Does anybody have any idea what the deal is? Since the TZ30 is
apparently the only tape device that's bootable on the RQZX1, I'd like
to have at least 2 working units.

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