'ICE' Apple /// cards

From: Witchy <witchy_at_binarydinosaurs.co.uk>
Date: Fri Nov 19 17:28:46 2004

> This Apple /// I picked up today has two boards in it:
> 1) Labelled "ICE KONAN ADAPTOR", with a ROM and 6116 RAM chip on it + a
> few 74xx logic chips. It's got a 26 pin header on board.
> 2) Labelled "ICE multiplexor host adapter". Has a 20 pin header on it,
> plus two (empty) 24 pin IC sockets (and a handful of LS logic).

I've got both of those, one of 'em is a controller for an/the ICE hard
drive box. Thinking about it, I've got 2 ICE boxes but the 2nd one isn't
too well and seems to be lacking components. Should dig 'em out I s'pose,
but it's bloody cold right now - took me 20 minutes to de-ice the car this
morning which wasn't helped by the fact that all doors had frozen shut!

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