Brazenly OT: ThinkPad760XL local/v/remote screen

From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 17:20:58 2004

> OK, here's a an OT, I can't wait...
> I have a seven year old IBM 760XL Laptop somebody
> gave me for free with all the trimmings (with 2 different docking
> bays) that likes to switch over to the VGA port every time it boots
> completely up. The LCD panel is seen for the period right after
> power-on to the time the OS starts. I haven't seen LCD control in the
> BIOS start-up (powerswitch+F1) or in the Control Panel. I want to
> tell it to keep the LCD display on always.
There's a key, one of the function keys, I believe, that has a little
icon of a monitor above it. If you hold down the "fn" key in the lower
left of the keyboard and repeatedly press the other key, you will
toggle between LCD only, LCD and external, and external only.

Paul Braun
Received on Sun Nov 21 2004 - 17:20:58 GMT

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