Brazenly OT: ThinkPad760XL local/v/remote screen

From: David Betz <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 20:37:05 2004

If the screen works during bootup but then stops working once the OS is
loaded, you might check to see if the little switch that detects
whether the screen is closed is stuck. That happened to my Dell laptop
and it would only work with the external monitor. Apparently, the OS
thinks that the laptop is closed and shuts down the LCD.

On Nov 21, 2004, at 7:18 PM, John Allain wrote:

>> There's a key, one of the function keys, I believe, that has a little
>> icon of a monitor above it. If you hold down the "fn" key in the
>> lower
>> left of the keyboard and repeatedly press the other key, you will
>> toggle between LCD only, LCD and external, and external only.
> Fn+F7 (&F3)
> I've been trying that. So... My free system may indeed be broken.
> or a hook is missing in the OS, if that function needs to operate at
> that level.
> John A.
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