Brazenly OT: ThinkPad760XL local/v/remote screen

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 12:08:37 2004

        Fn+F7 is the LCD/Monitor switch, at least on my 760EL (which I happen
to be looking to get rid of*). Also, download the software for your
laptop form IBM. YOu can search for it there by the machine type, which
is on a sticker underneath, probably next to the serial number. This
includes a program to do a lot of the BIOS configuration (and more)
right from within Windows.
        I would also try updating the BIOS on it. With all the Tinkpads I've
worked on, many times the BIOS update fixes wierd problems, even if
you're just re-applying the same version.

        *My 760EL - internal floppy, external floppy, CD-ROM, 2 batteries (I
think one is dead), 2 hardrives, DockII docking station (with monitor
support stand). Make me an offer... Please!

John Allain wrote:
> OK, here's a an OT, I can't wait...
> I have a seven year old IBM 760XL Laptop somebody
> gave me for free with all the trimmings (with 2 different docking bays)
> that likes to switch over to the VGA port every time it boots completely
> up. The LCD panel is seen for the period right after power-on to the time
> the OS starts. I haven't seen LCD control in the BIOS start-up
> (powerswitch+F1) or in the Control Panel. I want to tell it to keep the LCD
> display on always.
> Perhaps someone has worked with this particular model?
> Reply to me directly, if you intuit that this is not a true list question.
> BTW this is mechanically a pretty interesting machine. You can
> lift up the keyboard and change out any of this: Batteries,spares,
> Floppy,CD,HD, and memory, all using no tools at all.
> Thanks,
> John A.

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