HP Disk Cartridges available...

From: Lyle Bickley <lbickley_at_bickleywest.com>
Date: Mon Nov 22 10:39:12 2004

Over the weekend I ran accross (5) HP 13356A Disk Cartridges that look to be
in excellent condition. The 13356A's are typcially used in HP 3000 Series
II/III and are 7 platter/120MB. They are also marked 2613A.

I collect DEC, SGI, etc., but not HP, so I didn't pick them up. If you'd like
me to attempt to acquire them for you, please contact me off list.

I have no business relationship (other than as a customer) with the firm that
has the cartridges.

Lyle Bickley
Bickley Consulting West Inc.
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