KM11 maintenance module

From: Guy Sotomayor <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 12:06:43 2004

On Tue, 2004-11-16 at 16:25, Tony Duell wrote:
> > See if you can find the cpu manuals for an 11/70. There are some
> > documentation on the KM11 in those, I seem to remember.
> The original KM11 (I was given a pair _after_ making my homebrew
> version..) consists of 2 boards -- IIRC W130 and W131. One contains the
> switches and lamps, the other the driver transistors, etc. The latter
> goes into the backplane slot and had an edge connector on the end to
> connec to the former.

I've done a version based on Tony's design. I'm about to send the board
out to be fab'd. I've sized it so that it should be able to take the
original overlays too.

I'll be offering the PCB's (with schematic, BOM, etc) or PCB + parts +
docs for sale once I get the first boards back and debugged.

The PCBs will be nice with silk screen, solder mask and gold edge

> I think I got the schematics in the RK11-C printset, certainly it's
> either there or in the 11/45 prints.
> -tony
TTFN - Guy
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