Maynard Maynstream 1300 DAT / Archive Python 25588-005

From: Gary S Katz <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 12:47:23 2004


I have an old (ca 1992) SCSI-1 Maynard Maynstream DAT drive
that uses DDS1 DAT carts without software. The drive is up
and running in a Pentium 200MMX machine but we no longer
have the TMENU MSDOS software that was used to write files
to tape back then. Of course, we now need to get some of
the data off of the drives. I've followed Archive via the
web from Archive to Conner to Seagate to a "final
destination" at a company called Certron. Needless to say,
the tech support people at Certron have no idea where to
find the software.

By any chance, have any classic-comp'ers used this drive
under DOS? Any other ideas where I may find the software?

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