KM11 maintenance module

From: Frank Arnold <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 18:35:09 2004

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>Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 00:25:22 +0000 (GMT)
>From: (Tony Duell)
>Subject: Re: KM11 maintenance module
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>> See if you can find the cpu manuals for an 11/70. There are some
>> documentation on the KM11 in those, I seem to remember.
>The original KM11 (I was given a pair _after_ making my homebrew
>version..) consists of 2 boards -- IIRC W130 and W131. One contains the
>switches and lamps, the other the driver transistors, etc. The latter
>goes into the backplane slot and had an edge connector on the end to
>connec to the former.
>I think I got the schematics in the RK11-C printset, certainly it's
>either there or in the 11/45 prints.

The KM11 is also present in the 11/05 (11/10) printset I have.

I would also expect this to appear in the 11/35 (11/40) printset too.

The interesting thing is that in every different place the KM11 is used, a
different overlay will redefine the meaning of the lamps, so in fact you
will need this picture of the overlays too!

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