KM11 maintenance module

From: Charles H. Dickman <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 19:20:43 2004

Frank Arnold wrote:

>The KM11 is also present in the 11/05 (11/10) printset I have.
>I would also expect this to appear in the 11/35 (11/40) printset too.
I found a copy of the schematic in the RK11-C printset. Mr. Duell's
description does an excellent job of updating it. What is the equivalent
of the DEC3009 transistor?

There was a discussion a while back about an equivalence chart for the
DEC transistors. I can't seem to find the reference anymore. Not that I
plan to make one from discretes, but it would be pretty easy to wire
since it is such a repeatable pattern.

>The interesting thing is that in every different place the KM11 is used, a
>different overlay will redefine the meaning of the lamps, so in fact you
>will need this picture of the overlays too!
True, but if you have the manual that describes how to use the KM11, you
usually have an image of the overlay.

It looks like the lamp board is a dual width, single height. It should
not be difficult to take the overlay images from the manuals and
photocopy them onto overhead transparencies.

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