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From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 10:10:19 2004


        I dropped Fred Ruckdeschel _at_ Dynacomp a note. Here is his reply as well as
my original note. Note that in his response he didn't make any effort to
acknowledge the fact that one *might* consider his actions to be less than
courteous. Again, I'm not looking to nail the guy to the wall...if I wanted
to include someone else's work in what I'm doing, I would ask first.

        I could have been stronger in my email to him, but I wanted him to know
that I'm watching...



I have added your email and the link to the master for Volume 5.

I think the real fun with the Altair was playing with the hardware
(keeping it running).



On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 08:39:53 -0500 "Richard A. Cini"
<> writes:
> Hi:
> I was browsing the vintage computer listings last night and
> I came across
> your "Volume 5" compilation. I've actually purchased a CD from you
> previously (Volume 4) to fill-out my collection of manuals. You are
> providing a wonderful service to the "classic" computing hobby by
> making
> these manuals available in a compilation.
> By the way, I am the owner of the Altair32 Emulator and lead
> developer on
> the project. The Altair32 is copyrighted software, and I have not
> granted a
> license for its redistribution on compilation CDs. As a former
> software
> developer/distributor yourself, I'm sure you can appreciate my
> surprise when
> I noticed that the Volume 5 CD contains copies of the Altair32
> Emulator
> (version 2.5, an older version).
> Having said that, I'm happy that the emulator can reach a
> wider audience
> through this compilation. It's a good piece of software and I and a
> team of
> three other core hobbyists (and other contributors at different
> times) have
> spent the better part of four years refining and enhancing the
> Altair32 to
> make it more useful. Version 3.1, in development now, has some nice
> enhancements slated for it, including full Z80 emulation and a
> *real* front
> panel.
> I would ask that on the CD you include in addition to the
> Altair32
> distribution files a direct link to the main Altair32 project page
> so that
> purchasers of your compilation can obtain the most recent version of
> the
> emulator directly from the project home. The URL is:
> In case you're wondering, I live in NY but through friends,
> I've been able
> to host my site at Simon Fraiser University in Canada.
> Thanks for your time.
> Rich
> Rich Cini
> Collector of classic computers
> Build Master for the Altair32 Emulation Project
> eb site:
> /************************************************************/
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