Sorta OT Mac G4 TCP question

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 10:07:20 2004

> I get "Internal error #300" and "Mac OS error -23" pointing to a
>funkyness on the part of the TCP/IP stack / driver / panel / thingy, as
>far as I can see from looking up endless pages of error codes. And I've
>made all the settings recommended... also, the cable is known good and
>works perfectly when drug back into the office and hooked up to this
>laptop upon which I type.

I assume you have the OS Install CD that came with the Mac. Reinstall the
networking portion (if it gives you an option). If not, just reinstall
the entire OS. As long you don't do a "clean install" then it will safely
drop the new OS right on top of the old one, and you shouldn't really
know the difference. (clean install is NOT the default so you shouldn't
have to worry about it).

However, since you are seeing odd problems, I would run Disk First Aid
first at the very least. If you have a better disk checking program, run
that too (Tech Tools or whatever). There is a good chance there is some
kind of disk corruption that killed the Open Transport drivers.

If you don't have a copy of the OS that you can reinstall from let me
know off list. (Apple keeps going back and forth with shipping a usable
install CD versus just a reimage CD, so I don't know which you have)

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