Sale of "free" stuff on eBay

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 13:47:52 2004

As I see it, the gist of the arguments for and against the CDR
distribution of free software in this context is:

* Distributor is making money distributing, authors are
  not. Largely agreed is that we're not talking lots of money.

* Authors are not getting credit. Largely unspoken is that
  free software authors "get paid" from THANKS! from users;
  distributor is to some degree (significant or in-) from this
  without contributing directly.

* There is an indirect benefit to authors, in that their
  works are diseminated largely as intended, the above

The problems are largely a matter of DEGREE { If the
distributor was making "substantial" money we'd be more upset;
if distrib. claimed authorship we'd sue; we're HAPPY free
software is diseminated; if the distrib would list (thank)
contributing authors we'd be HAPPIER. };

In other words, this has all the attributes of a never-ending
thread. Think: 10-year-rule, pantone, ...
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