Software for Apple I

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 18:24:45 2004

>> I'm writing a book about building an Apple I replica, going to press in
>> January (Syngress Publishing).
>You mean building one from scratch or building a Replica I kit?

The Replica I is the focus, but the circuit is described in quite a bit
of detail and schematic and pcb files are included, so the reader can
make modifications and have his own board printed.

>> I'd like to include a fairly large section on software. Does anybody
>> have any programs for the Apple I which they'd be willing to see
>> included? These could be old, historic programs or new programs you
>> wrote yourself.
>Here's one for you:
>20 GOTO 10
>> Anybody who contributes will get a copy of the book, of course.

Let me amend that to "anybody who contributes an example that is used". ;)


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