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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 18:23:42 2004

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          Fred Cisin <> wrote:

> My neighbors often discard computers, although admittedly rarely laptops.

I've had the same experience -
Them> "Would you like this computer?"
Me> "What is it?"
Them> "Um.. 386-25 with 1MB of RAM"
Me> "To tell the truth, I don't collect PCs, they're not that rare, or even
     particularly useful."
Them> "Oh, OK. I've got a ZX81 you can have for fifty quid. Or a C64 for ?95"
Them> "They're going in the bin tomorrow, so let me know before then, ok?"

See my point?

> Therefore, the computer is cheaper and easier to obtain than components.

Agreed. I've got, what, three PC laptops and two Acorn A4s. The lowest-spec
PC laptop has been earmarked for testing various bits of hardware, the A4s
are used roughly once in a blue moon (one needs a new floppy drive, though).
So far the most I've hooked up to the high-spec (relatively speaking) PC
laptop is an Ethernet card and the EPROM programmer.

> 'Course I could get components by taking apart the discarded computers,
> but I seem to recall that you didn't approve of rendering working machines
> inoperable to get parts.

I wouldn't object to ripping PCs apart - again, common as dirt. I would
cringe at the sight of someone ripping apart a perfectly good ZX81, and if
someone dared destroy an Acorn System-1 (or anything of a similar rarity or
vintage), I'd probably offer the owner a few quid and buy the machine before
they nuked it. They get beer money, I get some more historical computer gear
to preserve.

Current rarest machine: a Jupiter Ace that needs major motherboard repairs.
  Assuming I can get the m/b back that is :)

  If anyone's got a Jupiter Ace that they want rid of, I'm listening :). Same
applies to MOS KIMs, Synertek SYMs/SY-VIMs, Rockwell AIM65s, that sort of
  Speaking of which, iirc someone offered me a SYM-1 a while back.. they
wanted somewhere in the region of $900 for it. Last I heard, it hit the
dumpster. Real shame - then again, their property, their choice :-/

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