Sale of "free" stuff on eBay

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 18:29:39 2004

We have covered a wide range of area in this discussion...copyright
maintenance and ownership is a big thing.

However, like I said originally, I'm more steamed that he didn't ask first
before including the program on his CD, which BTW he is making a tidy profit

I'm tickled pink that my emulator is reaching a wider audience. The more we
get the word out about preservation, the better off we'll be in the end. I'm
not a "scorched earth" kind of guy, but at least I let him know that the
project is active and our collective copyrights enforcable.

There is no specific license for redistribution. I guess I have to create a
formal "license.txt" for the program.

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>> > Subject: Re: Sale of "free" stuff on eBay
>> > The contents on your site are clearly copyrighted, so this guy is out
>> > bounds. The first step is to ask him to remove the item from eBay. A
>> > people don't understand copyright. They assume it applies only to
>> > that is for sale. So, be polite and explain that you own the right to
>> > determine how and where the software is distributed.
>> >
>> > If he does not comply, then I would file a complaint with eBay. Failing
>> > that, a letter from a lawyer is often effective.
>> To what end, this? It's a bit scorched-earth don't you think?
>That's the question that the copyright holder needs to answer. I'm just
>giving the options. In most cases, things are resolved in a friendly

 As a Copyright holder, he needs to defend his copyright or anyone
who took it to court would use this case to show that it was not
being upheld. His letter might be construed as permission to publish.
His wording might have been a little different.
( I'm not a lawyer and this is just personal opinion ).
 With most everything I've sent out, I'm just happy to see people using
it. If I'd expected to have any control, I'd have sold licenses.
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