Found : two TK50 tapes with Microvax II S/W

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 20:46:03 2004

Bob Shannon wrote:

> Once upon a time I used to test and configure MicroVAX II's for Ben
> Heffron...
> Back in the day, I got the following TK50 tapes:
> Tape #1, marked "MicroVax II Service Diagnostics", dated 10/6/89.
> Tape #2, marked "VWSDemo.bak, Flight017.bak backup/save sets"
> The first tape needs no explaination, the second tape is a rather cool
> 'toy' we ran
> on two microvax II's with the graphics boards and mice, it was an
> interactive
> combat flight simulator (rather primative).
> I recall getting to shoot down one of the other tech's day after day.
> At any rate, said tapes are seeking a new home.


   I just put together a VMS VAXstation with TZ30 with the express
purpose of making a SAVESETof the MV-II Diags - Customer and Field
Maintenance - tapes that I have. The Maintenance tape is suspect, so a
comparison tape would be groovy.

   I'll image them and then pass them on if somebody else wants the

   I also have Terry Murphy's MV-I Diags on RX50 that I need to image.
I just last month got a probably-good floppy drive for the MV-II, so I
should be able to image them if not test them.

   Al, do you want copies of this stuff?

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