Found : two TK50 tapes with Microvax II S/W

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 21:30:02 2004

Doc Shipley wrote:

> I just put together a VMS VAXstation with TZ30 with the express
> purpose of making a SAVESETof the MV-II Diags - Customer and Field
> Maintenance - tapes that I have. The Maintenance tape is suspect, so a
> comparison tape would be groovy.
> I'll image them and then pass them on if somebody else wants the
> originals.
> I also have Terry Murphy's MV-I Diags on RX50 that I need to image. I
> just last month got a probably-good floppy drive for the MV-II, so I
> should be able to image them if not test them.
> Al, do you want copies of this stuff?



AQ-GM5AN-DN [v.122 handwritten] 0MUN087161 [or 0MUN0S7161]

AQ-GL5AP-DN 000MRB7535


MicroVAX Diags MDM v2.1 Rx50 Disks A-C

MicroVAX Diagnostics MDM v2.1 A,B,1-8

   None of the floppies are originals, and would not boot the MV-II with
RX50 I tried them on last year, so they may be MV-I specific, or trash,
or the RX50 I had was flaky. I don't know whether either variation is
complete, but both variations have 2 identical sets, so that's a good
sign. As I said, I'm looking to revive the MV-II this month with a
different RX50 drive, so I'll give it another stab.

   Does anybody know if these should boot on a KA630? That would be
Useful Information.

   I *can* attest that the cptape archive I have of the Maintenance
Diags TK50 will build on a NetBSD machine and will format an RD52 and a
non-DEC ST251 as an RD32. I've just never been convinced that the
original I have is undamaged.

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