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From: Ronald Wayne <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 22:53:11 2004

Have you ever tried asking a company like Google to pull your usenet
posts from their archive, because they are violating copyrights? Did
you get a response? To make a long story short: I did this a few
years back and received no response.

Like it or not, the only value in a copyright is if you are both
willing and able to sue the individual who is violating it. If you
are unable or unwilling to do so, then there is absolutely no point in
having draconian copying policies. You may as well put your work into
the public domain or place it under the GPL (or something similar).
In either case you are likely to receive more contributions from third
parties. If it is under the GPL, you may even have assistance if you
have to go after somebody for copyright infringment (at the very least
you can send the GPL lynch mob after them).
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