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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Nov 24 23:48:31 2004

> I do know and work with a couple of people who worked directly with
> [Stallman] at FSF in the '80s and '90s, and they are completely
> insufferable, much in the way that Christian Scientists, Moonies, or
> Jehovah's Witnesses are. "If It Ain't GNU, It Can't Be True", and
> intrusive as hell.

Yeah, anyone who's drunk the kool-aid is, pretty much regardless of
whose kool-aid it was.

> And yeah, I probably just managed to offend the *rest* of CCTalk.

Being an equal-opportunity offender :), I'll note that I've seen this
phenomenon not only with Linux evangelists but with NetBSD evangelists
as well (and probably would have seen it for OpenBSD and FreeBSD too,
if I hung out in those circles). I've seen it for qmail evangelists
(oddly enough, very much less for other MTAs; I have naught but
speculation as to why). I've seen it for "Christian"s (quotes because
such people generally aren't very good Christians as I prefer to use
the word, in the sense of living Jesus's teachings). I've seen it for
twelve-steppers (in my case mostly CoDA, co-dependency being the issue
that brought me into contact with twelve-step programs). I'm sure it
exists in a whole raft of other areas that either I've not run into or
that I can't recall right now.

Evangelism - at least, anything that involves in-your-face conversion
attempts - is one of the few things I am completely unapologetic about
my intolerance towards.

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