Approaches to projects (was: KM11 maintenance module

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 03:03:21 2004


Tony Duell said:

> What's this love of the ZX81, which I regard as a postively horrible
> machine. I'd not rip one apart, though, mainly because there's little of
> use to raid from it...
> I happen to like Forth (and
> RPN in general).

I can combine both of those :-) I have a ZX81 that runs Forth[1] from an
EPROM. Unfortunately I have no way of reading the eprom to make a copy,
and it's a commercial copyrighted product anyway. Perhaps if I could
locate the author he'd make it freely available, after all there can't
be many Forth fans with ZX81s these days!

My ZX81 is in a big box with plug-in cards and a keyswitch keyboard...

[1] Skywave multi-tasking windowing Forth.
Stan Barr
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