Approaches to projects (was: KM11 maintenance module

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 12:26:12 2004

> I can combine both of those :-) I have a ZX81 that runs Forth[1] from an

When I read that, my immediate thought was 'Skywave' :-). I believe they
also did versions for other UK home micros (the idea of a BBC version is
floating around my brain).

> EPROM. Unfortunately I have no way of reading the eprom to make a copy,

You mean this Forth doesn't include the C_at_ and C? words? It's seriously
broken if it doesn't! The former is the equivalent of Peek -- it's
Character Fetch. It takes an address from the top of the parameter stack
and replaces it with the 8 bit contents of that address. The latter is
best explained by its definition

: C? C_at_ . ;

In other words (sic) it takes an address from the top of stack and prints
the 8 bit contents of the location using the current number base.

I suspect, therefore you do have a way of reading out that EPROM, although
unless you've got a serial interface on your ZX81, it's not going to be a
lot of use.

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