Making CP/M disk images

From: Gary Fisher <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 09:15:52 2004

I'm trying to do the same thing with some (downloaded) Teledisk images for an Altos 580 server which has a similar 96tpi floppy with no luck (a plea for help here).

My limited understanding is that these drives use double density media and that a standard 1.2 mb drives don't work too well with that (the manuals all say that writing out 360k AKA 40 track disks on a 1.2mb is a bad thing). Did you take the drive in the SB180 and put it in the Compaq, still calling it a 1.2, 360k or even a 720k 3.5? I tried that with a different (SA-465) 96tpi drive jumpered as drive 1 and it seemed to write disks with no reported problems on the Teledisk write. The Altos still didn't like the disk though but that might be a function of the original files (or something else I forgot to do).

Gary F.

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        Interestingly, Teledisk did skip every other track. These are DSDD disks
formatted on the SB180 machine using the "40 track" option. The drive in the
SB180 is a 96TPI drive (HD) and the disk on the PC side is a standard 1.2mb.

        I'll have to see if Teledisk has any options that may address this. As I
recall, the number of configurable options was sparse, though.

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