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Date: Thu Nov 25 14:04:50 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Dave Dunfield wrote:

> As noted above, this is not directed to a particular person ... And I DO
> have a great deal of respect for Al and others like him. And no dispute
> that these people are preserving important documents. But, anyone who
> takes the attitude "only to be distributed by download from my site" is
> NOT making them available to EVERYONE - it prevents me from obtaining
> much of the larger material (and doc scans tend to be large :-) No
> matter how well information is preserved, it is of no benefit if it is
> unobtainable.

You are looking at it from your own point of view. I'm not going to speak
for Al, but I'm sure he would want you to get what you need in whatever
way is most convenient for you. Al's gripe was with the person who was
making money off of his work and not making even a simple reference to Al
for making his "product" possible. Al did not take the attitude that you
are projecting. So again, I say show some respect by at least getting
your facts straight.

> Btw: I do have some of Rich's scans in my Altair section, and I *DID*
> contact him for permission, and he *IS* listed in my credits. I even
> gave him some scans of docs he was missing during our correspondance.

And that took, what, a couple e-mails? No big deal. Since most of
Dynacomp's CD comes from, at most, 10 sources, it wouldn't take much
effort to at least let the people who created those sources know what he's
up to, or in the very least put a note of thanks on the disc. No, he
didn't do any of these, so shame on him.

> BUT - the choice as to what to do is ultimately Rich's .. He asked our
> opinion and I gave him mine. to quote Spock, he is free to "give it all
> the consideration it is due".

Quoting fictional characters is...scary.

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