KIM, SYM, AIM, etc.

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 14:25:15 2004

On Thu, Nov 25, 2004 at 08:21:52AM -0800, Charles P. Hobbs wrote:
> >Still can't imagine a SYM-1 being worth $900. From $75 to maybe
> >$150 someplace is more like it. It has little to be note worthy
> >of that I know of. The KIM is more recognized as a historic
> >board...

> I sold a couple of Rockwell AIM-65's for about $100 each at VCF,
> though I didn't really test or know the condition of them.

For a bare AIM-65 (no chassis or PSU)? Sounds fair. I still have
a couple spares that I'm restoring (missing/broken keyswitch on keyboard,
missing display board...), so if anyone has spare bits, I might be
interested in picking something up after I get home in a few months.

I did verify that the 6520 on the display board can be replaced with
a Motorola 6821, a part I have a number of spares of. As a result, I
was contemplating handwiring at least one display board (I have either
a full set or n-1 of the 4-char displays).

> I've seen some of these board computers go for as high as $300 on Ebay,
> although Ebay prices tend to be higher because of the bidding wars...

Indeed. The one model of that class of machine I lack is a KIM-1. The
prices I've seen on eBay are enought to put me off most of the time. If
I can ever manage to get to a VCF, that might be something in particular
that I'd be looking for.



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