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Date: Fri Nov 26 01:54:44 2004

>What problems are there with the "international postal money order"?
>Can't you still get those at the local USPS office?
The only International money orders the US Post office will cash are their
 own and Canadian post. I know because I took a Japanese Postal International
Money order once and the US Post wouldn't have anything to do with it. It was
legitimate but I ended up having to deposit it to cash it. I do take Canadian
Postal Money Orders now.

I have used the interbank for international money transfer once and it worked
easily. I seem to remember that I had my credit union generate a transaction
number along with the interbank number that I sent to the person purchasing
the item. A couple of days later the money showed up in my Credit Union Account.
However it cost me $10 for the transaction on my side, which I had the
customer pay, after all he wanted to pay by wire transfer.

Nowadays I take Western Union Wire transfers, Western Union International
Money Orders, Bidpay, Paypal or US dollars (Cash) for international purchases.

I do not take Certified or Bank Checks, especially for amounts greater than
the purchase. And I do not ship until I am certain I have payment.

Lately, in posting a HP110 outfit on the HP Museum's for sale site I received
three fraudulent offers, and one serious one. Two of the offers were to
purchase it with a certified check for a set amount, much more than the item and
then have me forward the HP110 and the extra money on to them. The third
fraudulent offer was a blatant offer to let me pad the invoice with other goods, name
my own price, and get paid by a certified check.

I was very disappointed to see that amount of scamming on the bulletin board.
All were internationally based scams and easy to recognize, though.

Astoria, Oregon
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