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From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Nov 26 15:27:23 2004

At 02:54 AM 11/26/04 -0500, you wrote:
>>What problems are there with the "international postal money order"?
>>Can't you still get those at the local USPS office?
>The only International money orders the US Post office will cash are their
> own and Canadian post. I know because I took a Japanese Postal
>Money order once and the US Post wouldn't have anything to do with it. It
>legitimate but I ended up having to deposit it to cash it. I do take
>Postal Money Orders now.

   I've recieved a lot of Canadian money orders and a few other non-US
ones. As long as they're drawn on a US bank and in US dollars then they
should take them. However the tellers in my bank are rather stupid and they
frequently tell me that they can't take them. However when I argue with
them and MAKE them go find a supervisor they find that they CAN take them.

>I have used the interbank for international money transfer once and it
>easily. I seem to remember that I had my credit union generate a transaction
>number along with the interbank number that I sent to the person purchasing
>the item. A couple of days later the money showed up in my Credit Union
>However it cost me $10 for the transaction on my side, which I had the
>customer pay, after all he wanted to pay by wire transfer.
>Nowadays I take Western Union Wire transfers, Western Union International
>Money Orders, Bidpay, Paypal or US dollars (Cash) for international

   I take all of the above except PP. I refuse to disclose my banking info
them AND I've heard too many horror stories about them rescinding payments
MONTHS later for NO reason. If any of you PP fans want to argue with me
about this I'll be happy to referr you to reputable people that this has
happened to. It seems like people are forever e-mailing me and harranging
me to accept PP. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!

>I do not take Certified or Bank Checks, especially for amounts greater than
>the purchase.

  Yeah, I've heard about that little scam!

 And I do not ship until I am certain I have payment.

    I take personal checks from people that I've dealt with previously and
so far I've never had a problem. If I do, well that's what the police and
jails are for! And it that doesn't work, I have my own methods of dealing
with crooks and thieves!

>Lately, in posting a HP110 outfit on the HP Museum's for sale site I
>three fraudulent offers, and one serious one. Two of the offers were to
>purchase it with a certified check for a set amount, much more than the
item and
>then have me forward the HP110 and the extra money on to them. The third
>fraudulent offer was a blatant offer to let me pad the invoice with other
goods, name
>my own price, and get paid by a certified check.
>I was very disappointed to see that amount of scamming on the bulletin
>All were internationally based scams and easy to recognize, though.

   I suspect that's what the >>international<< bidders that wanted my
banking info were up to. I've refused to give that out and pointed out that
they could pay by one of the methods that you listed above and I never
heard from them again.


>Astoria, Oregon
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