Info needed- Intel 8024A Multibus SBC

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Sat Nov 27 02:43:50 2004

Hello all,

I recently picked up a couple of Intel 8085-based Multibus processor
boards. These are branded Intel and are marked 8024A. They are NOT
the 80/24 board, which I have been able to find info for.

Judging from datecodes, they are aprox. 1990 in age. They have a
Microdesigins, Inc. mezzanine card plugged into them called uDS-221
Multifunction Multimodule which adds serial I/O, battery backed SRAM,
and a real time clock function.

I am looking for info to get these boards up and running. Seem like
nice Intel processor cards.

Here are some pix of the cards (taken and uploaded halfway through
composing this message):

The 8024a board alone:

The board with RTC mezzanine card plugged in:

The RTC mezzanine card alone:

Any info would be greatly appreciated. These three photos are hereby
granted to the public domain. (use them as you wish)

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