Info needed- Intel 8024A Multibus SBC

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sat Nov 27 08:05:11 2004

At 03:43 AM 11/27/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I recently picked up a couple of Intel 8085-based Multibus processor
>boards. These are branded Intel and are marked 8024A. They are NOT
>the 80/24 board, which I have been able to find info for.

  IIRC the 80/24 is upwards compatible with the 80/20 and 80/20-4. I have
the last two on my website but never got around to addign the 80/24. The
80/24 has a 8085A-2 CPU that operates at 4.8 or 2.4 KHz, It has 8K of
static RAM and socklets for up to 32K or PROM, 48 programmble I/O lines
with interchangeable drivers/terminators, programmble async o sync RS-232
serial interface, two Multiomode sockets, two programmable 16 BCD or binary
timers/coujnters and can act as a controller in a multiple controller
system. I MAY have the manual for it. I'll try to take a look when I can.


>Judging from datecodes, they are aprox. 1990 in age. They have a
>Microdesigins, Inc. mezzanine card plugged into them called uDS-221
>Multifunction Multimodule which adds serial I/O, battery backed SRAM,
>and a real time clock function.

  Never seen the Microdesigns RTC boards but I have bunch from Linear
Systems and I have the manuals :-)

>I am looking for info to get these boards up and running. Seem like
>nice Intel processor cards.

   They are but they have aLOT of jumpers that have to be properly set to
get them working.

>Here are some pix of the cards (taken and uploaded halfway through
>composing this message):
>The 8024a board alone:
>The board with RTC mezzanine card plugged in:
>The RTC mezzanine card alone:
>Any info would be greatly appreciated. These three photos are hereby
>granted to the public domain. (use them as you wish)

   Great. I'll add them to my Multibus page. I don't have any Microdesigns
boards or the 80/24 up there yet.


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