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From: James Rice <jrice54_at_vzavenue.net>
Date: Sat Nov 27 08:02:22 2004

Zane H. Healy wrote:

>> One of these days I will have to check out an old SGI to see what the
>> fuss
>> was about.
> I have two o2's, one of them is a lowly R5000 180Mhz system (the more
> pathetic of the two 180Mhz models) with 160MB RAM. This system can
> handle *HEAVY* loads more gracefully than any other system I've use,
> and X-Windows is unbelievably smooth, even under these heavy loads.
> The other is an R12000 270Mhz system, and even better :^)
I've got eight Indigo's five of which are R4400 three are R4000 and one
is a R3000. Three have full Elan graphics, two have Song and Dance
boards with Personal Video add-on boards and one Elan has a Galileo
board. I have three O2's (2 R5K, 1 R10K), an Octane R12K, two Indigo2
High Impact's, an R4400 Indy, an Origin 200 quad 180 for a web server
and a Visual Workstation 320 dual P3-600 (the bastard child of the
family). I'm looking for a dual Octane2 and a R5000 Indy.

My favorite workstations are the Sgi's and the NeXT's. I looked up
original list prices the other day. With all the accessories, monitors
and upgrades, I own over a million and a half of Sgi equipment (at MSRP).

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