ZX81 denigrated! (was Re: Approaches to projects)

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun Nov 28 18:18:53 2004

> > was working...). It is a significant UK home computer. But the reason
> I
> > bought it was to get the Philips 'Pocket Portable' compact cassette
> > recorder that was used with it. It was one of the first ccompact
> assette
> > recorders, and I happen to like Philips stuff anyway...
> Sounds like mine. The one I have is a replacement, but almost
> identical to the one my Dad bought in the mid-60s. It's about 115mm
> wide x 55mm thick x 200mm long; it has three DIN sockets on the

That sounds like the one. IIRC the very first model only had 2 sockets --
the extension speaker socket came later.

> left-hand side, and a red button for recording, a sort of joystick knob
> to control the tape motion, and a tiny level meter all on the top front
> panel. It takes five C-size cells. It originally came with a slightly

Yes. You could also feed in 7.5V through one of the sockets -- it was a
'240 degree' DIN socket used for external power, remote control, and
monitoring earphone. One thing I must do is make a little adapter with a
power connector and a remote control socket wired to a suitable plug.

> larger leather carrying case that had space for the microphone and a

I think the case for mine takes the machine only with a seprate plastic
'tube' to carry the microphone.

> power pack. Still doing sterling service on a BBC Micro and an Exidy
> Sorcerer, though it's about as old as their combined ages.

Ah, I was wondering if it would work with a Beeb... Mine alsoe needs new
drive belts, but otherwise is still operational. I have the schematic
from the appropriate year of 'Radio and Television Servicing', although
sometimes oen was folded up inside the machine anyway.

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