ASR-33 / PDP-11 question

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Sun Nov 28 18:56:32 2004

Ok, I need to call in the experts.

I have had much success lately in getting
my PDP-11/34 system hooked up to multiple
peripherals, running RSTS/E V7. I have
RL02, RK05, multiple VT52s, LA36, VT100
all working running timesharing, terminals
all connected via EIA DZ11. I added a
20mA DZ11, which is recognized by RSTS,
and it uses 8 more KB numbers, with 8
less "unrecognized devices".

The EIA DZ11 uses KB3 through KB10. I have
configured the lines that I'm using so
that the terminal characteristics are set
properly by $TTYSET to match the terminal
types when the system starts.

The 20mA DZ11 uses KB11 through KB18. I
want to connect my ASR-33 to the second
terminal connector on the distribution panel,
therefore it should be KB12 to RSTS.

My problem is that I am now attempting
to connect my ASR-33, which works just
fine is local mode. I am using phone
wire, connecting wires from the DZ11
connectors 1,2,3, and 4 to connectors
3,4,6,and 7 respectively on the ASR33
terminal strip. My info tells me that:

DZ11 1 = Receive + = ASR33 7
DZ11 2 = Receive - = ASR33 6
DZ11 3 = Transmit - = ASR33 3
DZ11 4 = Transmit + = ASR33 4

Something must be working right because
if the 11/34 is not on and the ASR33 is
turned on in "online" mode, it sits there
and "clicks" repeatedly. However, it
stops this clicking when the 11/34 is
powered on. I checked the lines and there
is a 20mA +/- current on the lines.

The problem is that when I type on the ASR33,
it does not echo, and when I use RSTS to send
characters to the ASR 33, it does not respond.
This ASR33 works perfectly in local mode.

Anyone on the list have a clue what's wrong
before I dig deeper? Is there something
obvious that I've done wrong? The ASR33 is
supposed to be working. I have configured
the ASR33 on KB12 to 110 baud using $TTYSET,
but no luck. Just to be sure, I set all 8
KBs, KB11-KB18 to use ASR33 terminal chracteristics.

Help would be much appreciated.

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