Masscomp machines

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Sat Oct 2 12:38:06 2004

Anyone out there got any info on Masscomp machines (or own one)? I found
one the other day at BP (in something of a sorry state) but info on the
'net seems pretty scarce. Rumour has it that they ran some flavour of
real-time Unix, and that multi-cpu machines were available - that's
about all the good ol' Internet has to offer, at least according to

This particular one doesn't have a model number on the front, but the
sticker on the back implies it's a 'mwb515'.

I'm particularly after a keyboard photo right now - I've got the system
unit and monitor, but there's no keyboard with it. Hopefully it's either
in the 'unknown keyboards' pile or has been accidentally tidied away in
a different pile of hardware :-)

Hmm, it presumably has a mouse too, which presumably plugs into the
keyboard as I didn't see an obvious mouse port on the back of the


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