classiccmp server hard drive info

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 13:37:11 2004

Bought a new hard drive for the classiccmp server. It's a seagate barracuda
7200rpm 8mb cache 160gb unit.

Retail Price was $129.99, less $20 instant rebate, plus $7.23 sales tax,
subtotal $117.22. Then there was a $50 mail in rebate, so the bottom line
cost is $67.22. This was a compUSA special last week.

Anyone who wants to donate a pittance to cover the drive purchase, paypal me

I'll email the list soon as I cover the price of the drive. I probably wont
get down to the datacenter to install the drive for a week or two. I'll
announce to the list when the downtime is to be expected.

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