classiccmp server hard drive info

From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 02:54:37 2004

At 19:37 03/10/2004, Jay West wrote:

>Bought a new hard drive for the classiccmp server. It's a seagate
>barracuda 7200rpm 8mb cache 160gb unit.

Is this going to be the only drive in the machine?

I've had a few drives go down in my servers in the past (mostly cheap
maxtors) and have got into the habit of moving the more critical machines
to hardware RAID 1 - two IDE drives and a SiL 0680 based ATA card costs me
less than a single SCSI drive would do, and while not perhaps the best
quality solution, provides a little more re-assurance that should something
go pop somewhere, then I've not lost anything and I have time to source and
install a replacement without worrying about the system being down
meantime. Performance is slightly better, too!

(The only problem, as with any RAID, is when you have to swap a drive and
need to get a new one to match - I have found even the same model of drive
from the same manufacturer, purchased at different times can report
different capacities!)

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