Bob Supnik lurking? (simh PDP11 question)

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 16:56:52 2004

Bob or Anyone....

In simh if I have an

att rl0 diskdrive1

And the simulator is running, If I rename diskdrive1 to something and
rename something-else to diskdrive1 does the simulator care? will it
start accessing the new disk image or continue to access the old? I
know this would have implications for the simulated OS (rsts on a
pdp11) but will it cause problems for the simulator?

Likewise what about the paper tape punch/reader and lineprinter files?

Could I use links?

$>ln rsts-rl-system.dsk diskdrive1

Then to change disk packs I

$>ln rsts-rl-othersystem diskdrive1
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