Bob Supnik lurking? (simh PDP11 question)

From: Stephane Tsacas <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 20:13:13 2004

On unix renaming a file just updates the directory which contains the
file. Also, from the process point of view, an opened file is a small
integer, so the process can't be notified that the opened file has
been renamed or even deleted (in that case the file will still use
blocks on the filesystem until the process dies, you just lose access
to it from outside the process).

On Sun, 3 Oct 2004 14:56:52 -0700, Ron Hudson <> wrote:
> Bob or Anyone....
> In simh if I have an
> att rl0 diskdrive1
> And the simulator is running, If I rename diskdrive1 to something and
> rename something-else to diskdrive1 does the simulator care? will it
> start accessing the new disk image or continue to access the old? I
> know this would have implications for the simulated OS (rsts on a
> pdp11) but will it cause problems for the simulator?
> Likewise what about the paper tape punch/reader and lineprinter files?
> Could I use links?
> $>ln rsts-rl-system.dsk diskdrive1
> Then to change disk packs I
> $>ln rsts-rl-othersystem diskdrive1
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