Bah! HP Terminal smarter n' me

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 21:33:54 2004

On Oct 3, 2004, at 6:46 PM, Frank McConnell wrote:

> Ron Hudson wrote:
>> Anyone know much about HP terminals (700/96) I have this beast hooked
>> to a serial port on
>> my linux box.. I am using a "serial laplink" cable and a null modem
>> adapter (that should be
>> two null modems together) I have agetty lines in my /etc/inittab
>> I am not sure however if the terminal is "online" or not
>> Where is that switched? (does online or local make any
>> sense for a glass tty with no local storage)
> There's a function-key label, "REMOTE MODE". You may have to get the
> right function-key label set up to see it (play with User and System
> keys). "REMOTE MODE" should have an asterisk (*) in it. If it
> doesn't, press the corresponding f-key. It's been too long since I
> used one of these to remember what keys you use.

Thanks, I know just where you are talking about.

> Yes, taking the terminal offline makes sense, at least in HP mode; you
> can do local editing of the on-screen data and then use the ENTER key
> to send it back to the host once you go back online. I used to do
> this all the time on the 264X terminals.

did the 264x terminals have a little HP tape drive along the bottom
of the display?

> BTW, the terminal is DTE. You probably want one null modem between it
> and your Linux box, if you can't be bothered to work out the pinouts
> and make the right cable.

My eyesight has gotten pretty poor, it's hard to see those solder cups
on the db25's Once I got this working I would probably make up a cable,
but for now I will use the various nice molded cables I have in various

> -Frank McConnell
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